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Games that I Love To Play

One passion of mine that has always remained constant is my love for games. Ever since I was a young boy I have always enjoying spending my time playing some form of a game. I am sure that my first experience was either some type of card game, board game, or video game on Nintendo. Since then I still enjoy playing games whenever I have the chance. I would like to list some of what I think are the best games out there. Personally, I really enjoy Role Playing Games (RPGs). I guess I enjoy the challenge of gaining experience and becoming more powerful once you accomplish certain tasks or defeat a certain boss. Most of theses games I still play regularly. Some of the most entertaining games involve a group of friends coming together to accomplish a task. Here is a list of games that I think deserve to be mentioned.

Doodle God
Doodle God
Don't Touch My Gems
Don't Touch My Gems

tiny party gamesUNO
tiny party gamesParty Games
tiny magestormShocking Void (Magestorm)
tiny pokerPoker (Texas Holdem) (5 card draw)
tiny moongateMoongate
tiny heroesHeroes of Might and Magic
tiny magicMagic the Gathering (Shandalar)
tiny ragnarokRagnarok
tiny Atmosfear AtmosphereAtmosfear
tiny starcraft Starcraft
tiny Defenders Quest.jpg Cut The Rope
tiny Defenders Quest.jpg Defenders Quest

Here are some of Gaming System's that I own.
tiny gamesFatbrowne's Games
tiny snesSuper Nintendo
tiny n64Nintendo 64
tiny ps2Playstation 2
tiny wiiWii

Here are some of my favorite Video Games.
tiny jellyboy2Jelly Boy 2
tiny chronotriggerChrono Trigger
tiny tacticsogreTactics Ogre
tiny Tales of Phantasia FinTales of Phantasia
tiny final fantasyFinal Fantasy 1
tiny final fantasyFinal Fantasy 2
tiny final fantasyFinal Fantasy 3
tiny final fantasyFinal Fantasy 4
tiny final fantasyFinal Fantasy 5
tiny final fantasyFinal Fantasy 6
tiny Final Fantasy TacticsFinal Fantasy Tactics
SnowBoard Kids
Flying Dragon
Perfect Dark
Super Smash Brothers
Super Smash Brawl
Bomberman Generations
All_My_Favorite_Games Starcraft Magestorm Heroes Moongate Shandalar Ragnarok Poker UNO Atmosphere
Last Modified: Saturday November 22, 2014