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Fatbrowne's Chat Room

Fatbrowne's Chat Room
Fatbrowne's Cocomment Room03-26-09, 9:14pm: sara--i wanna do jaw surgery
03-26-09, 9:14pm: sara--is it expensive?
03-26-09, 9:14pm: sara--i cant afford it : '(
04-1-09, 7:23am: Adam Browne--It is expensive mine was $24,000. However, I think it is worth it.
04-1-09, 8:23am: Roman--How long did it take for the swelling to go away? you did lower jaw right?
04-1-09, 3:19pm: Roman--How many days did you spend in the hospital?
04-2-09, 8:14am: Adam Browne--It took about 3 days for swelling. I was there just for the day I came home at night time.
04-3-09, 8:22am: Roman--Just to confirm, your surgery was the bilateral saggital split osteotomy (BSSO) right?
04-3-09, 2:04pm: Adam Browne--Yeah how did you know?
04-13-09, 12:27pm: matt--hi im 16 from uk, i have an underbite, but im still unsure on whether to get the surgery done, after seeing some of the videos on youtube im still confused about what to do, i defo want to get it done but its all the recovery after and pain, can i have your views?
04-15-09, 3:18pm: Adam Browne--You are still young if I were you I would wait until you become 18 because you still might grow. That is my view.
04-18-09, 7:26am: Alec--Hi my name is Alec, i live in Dubai and i just recently found out what the hole problem with my jaw is (lower underbite) and now that i have to get surgery (in about a year, i recently got braces) i was really shocked to finaly understand this.. so i was doing research and i came across your page so i wanted to say Thank You its really motivational.. Thanx again
04-20-09, 11:18am: Adam Browne--I am glad my page was motivational for you
05-4-09, 7:55pm: David Johnson--You paid 24000 dollars out of pocket?
05-5-09, 12:28pm: Adam Browne--Unfortunately, yes I did. Although I was fortunate enough to have graduated from college and have a decent job so that I could pay that amount
05-20-09, 10:21am: elmer--how are the payments
05-20-09, 10:22am: elmer--could you pay by down payments?
06-1-09, 9:44am: Adam Browne--Yes, I have paid down all the payments
06-23-09, 1:41pm: mark--i just wanted to know how are you now after the surgery? im thinking of having it done but i am worried!
06-30-09, 7:55am: Adam Browne--I am very good after the surgery. I am happy and still get told how good I look after getting it done
06-30-09, 7:07pm: HOWARD--HI ADAM
06-30-09, 7:08pm: HOWARD--HOW ARE YOU?
07-2-09, 6:42am: Adam Browne--Hi Howard I am doing well. Do you like my page?
07-26-09, 7:52pm: Brian--How many days did you stay in the hospital?
08-5-09, 4:19pm: Adam Browne--Not a complete day. Just the night
08-7-09, 12:27am: selena--Im thinking about getting jaw surgery im just afraid of the harsh pain. Should i go for it?
08-7-09, 10:46am: Adam Browne--If you need it and can afford it then I say do it. The pain is not an issue IMO
08-18-09, 6:46am: mary--Hi Adam, my daughter is 17 and has an under bite and her bite is off set. How old do you have to be to have the jaw surgery? We live in Iowa and would like to know of a good oral surgeon.
08-18-09, 6:58am: Adam Browne--Normally you have be at least 18 years old in order to give your consent. Plus Oral Surgeons normally want to their patient to be finished growing so they won't have to have multiple surgeries.
08-25-09, 4:58pm: jamah murphy--hi, Adam! your speech seems to have improved with the surgery, is this something you have also noticed? Also did it do anything for you psychologically as far as confidence?
08-25-09, 5:23pm: Adam Browne--Yes, my speech did improve with surgery. It totally did improve my confidence and really helped me identify myself and my own individuality.
09-10-09, 12:22pm: Shamery--Hi Adam, I want do this surgery, can you send the hospital address plz.
09-10-09, 1:48pm: Adam Browne--1350 South Hickory Street Melbourne, Florida 32901 321-434-7000
09-15-09, 1:51pm: sargum--hi adam ...i livein india ..i am 17..i hv 2 get surgery in a year or so ,i am just worried if der r chances dat ur face can get worse after surgery permenantly?? pls reply asap
09-17-09, 8:26pm: Adam Browne--As with all surgeries I am sure your face could get worse after permanently. However if you have a problem now, it is probably worth the risk.
09-23-09, 9:32am: Jaffa--I am still at school (final year) but thinking of getting this done, how long would I be out of school for do you know? How long were you out of school/work for?
09-24-09, 5:04pm: Adam Browne--I was out for a week and a half. I imagine you are going to be in the same boat as I was.
10-7-09, 3:42am: hamizan--hi..do we have 2 wear braces b4 surgery?
10-7-09, 4:03pm: Adam Browne--Yes I had to wear them before the surgery
10-8-09, 3:56am: hamizan--cant we have the surgery straight away?
10-11-09, 1:59pm: MsgzyynybSYbM--awegaw1.txt;2;5
10-11-09, 4:14pm: Adam Browne--You could get it right away but normally they want to make sure your bite is correct when your surgery is done.
10-21-09, 7:20pm: RebeccaBaumann--Hi. I am going to have corrective jaw surgery, but my friends are being very skeptical and I'd like to thank you for being such an awesome inspiration. It really means a lot.
10-25-09, 10:21am: Amanda Ryan--Hi Adam, am having similar braces / surgery soon, just wondered how long you had your braces on before surgery? And after? Looking good by the way, bet you're really pleased with the results : ) : ) : )
10-25-09, 4:14pm: Adam Browne--Yeah I am really pleased with the results. I had braces on for two years before the surgery.
10-30-09, 2:57pm: Henrik--Hi Adam. Looks like you got really good results from the surgery. Do you know how big your underbite was (in millimeters) before the surgery?
10-31-09, 9:10am: matt--Did you have TMJ before the surgery? Because im pretty sure i do, and thats why i want my jaw fixed. but im confused if it will make things worse
11-16-09, 6:24pm: Adam Browne--I am not sure how big my underbite was Henrik. I did not have TMJ before surgery matt. I do not think it will make things worse.If anything it will make things better.
11-20-09, 4:41pm: janine--yay i feel more confident now about my jaw surgery. Thanks adam: D
11-21-09, 7:46am: Adam Browne--Thank you for sharing your story!
11-23-09, 11:51pm: kim--Hi Adam. I was wondering how long it took you to completely heal? And how long did it take you to eat regular food?
11-28-09, 3:22pm: Jenna--was your face really swollen when you got your surgery? what kind of food did you have to drink and for about how long did you have to drink your food? did you lose a lot of weight? i might be getting mine soon but im just worried because i have high metabolism and i dont get fat easily and lose weight easily : [please help me out i have so much questions! thank you!
12-6-09, 8:21am: Adam Browne--Kim, it took me about 1 month to complete heal and that is also how long it took me to eat regular foodJenna, My face was really swollen, I eat everything but used a blender first for about a month. I was skinny before and I am still skinny now
12-8-09, 12:21pm: abby--Hi Adam! You look great! My underbite case is really similar to yours, i wondered if you could tell me how long you had to have your braces on for before you had the operation ? Thanks
12-8-09, 4:57pm: Adam Browne--Thank you. I had my braces on for about 2 years
12-27-09, 3:36pm: veronique--Hi, I am very afraid for permanent nerve damage. Luckely for you, it turned out all right for you, but have you heard recently of patients who had to deal with permanent nerve damage after a lower jaw surgery?
12-27-09, 3:55pm: Adam Browne--I have never encountered anyone personally that had permanent nerve damage. Most people that contact me about jaw surgery tell me they have had great results. However, I have heard that there is a small chance to have permanent nerve damage
01-13-10, 9:08pm: candies--Hi there, I have been watching lots of video's on YouTube. And I seen most of them got braces. So I m asking do you need braces before you do a surgery? Or you just can do a surgery without any braces. And I read your comments; most of them said that they got 1 year braces. Is that a must? Or what? I m 16 now, can I have a surgery? Or I must be 18 to have a surgery? If did a surgery this year(16) , will my underbite grow back when I m older? Thnx, pls msg me back and thanks for all your information. It really helps allot.
01-14-10, 5:41pm: Adam Browne--I had to wait until I was 18 until I could consent to get the surgery. If you get your parents to agree to it I am sure you could get it while you are younger. Personally, I would wait until I was 18 and could decide on my on personally. I believe having braces before for about 1 year is a must. You may be able to get braces now for like 2 years and get the surgery when you are 18
01-17-10, 5:02pm: EDGAR C.--did it really boost your confidence or your social life in anyway
01-18-10, 4:59pm: Adam Browne--yes. it totally boosted my confidence and improved my social life greatly
04-8-10, 8:26pm: Andy--going in for my osteo consult on Tuesday! same problem here!
05-1-10, 11:12pm: luca--hey there my name is Luca and one side of my jaw is kind of bent while the other is not (lower jaw)and my father is a plastic surgeon but I was wondering if I should go to an orthodontist and see if there is a better way to correct it
06-1-10, 3:20am: Moly--eu4wIW My name is Moly, i am a funny girl. This post is fake, hahaha.
06-21-10, 8:02pm: Lee Anne--Hi Adam, my names Lee Anne from NZ and I recently put out of my head the idea of having surgery.. main reason being that I'm worried I'd look different from what I do now and that worries me. I've competed in beauty pageants such as Miss Philippines NZ and have been told that I'm beautiful without surgery.. but sometimes I would get the occasional person who would notice the underbite and get offended which brings down my self esteem a little. Now my question is, Why did you choose to have the surgery? Did it bother you or people bother you about it? Thanks.
06-22-10, 4:34am: Adam Browne--Lee Anne, Yes it did bother me. People would notice my underbite from the side. Plus it was impossible to chew with the front of my mouth. I always used the back
06-23-10, 3:40am: awd--24,000?!
06-28-10, 1:41pm: Garth--Hey Adam cool website. Cool of you to put your experiences up. I've currently got an underbite that has bothered me for some time, i can feel my muscles tense because of my jaw pulled forward in my neck, shoulders and back. Did you have this and did it disappear after surgery? Ive had braces before, which i am told could be a reason for the underbite, also stress im told is a factor. What caused your underbite?
06-28-10, 4:13pm: Adam Browne--I never had the tense muscles but I did develop the underbite sometime at a young age. So there was really no reason for it other than a growth spurt or it developing naturally as a child. I hope when you get the surgery you get rid of that stress.
07-13-10, 8:18pm: nikky--Hi Adam, would you recommand dr timothy Lang for our oral surgery??
07-13-10, 8:28pm: Adam Browne--Yes I would highly recommend Dr. Timothy Lang. He did my jaw surgery and I am very happy with the outcome.
07-13-10, 9:47pm: nikky--Hi Adam , Sorry i forgot to ask you also if you lost any weight after the surgery and how many lbs was it?
07-14-10, 5:24pm: Adam Browne--Not really I was 160 around the time I had surgery and if anything I gained weight with all the milkshakes. Probably got up to 180. I am about 210 now.
07-30-10, 4:23am: Chris--Hi Adam, Chris here. I've just turned 18 and I'm deciding whether or not to get surgery, and i've been told by my doctor and orthadontist that i'll basically be out for a whole summer. They said that i'll be in hospital for three months, the surgery consists of removing and setting my upper jaw forward and my lower jaw back with special bolts and that i'll be bedbound a swolen for the first month. They told me there's a 5-10% I'll get permanent nerve damage as a result of the swelling, and as a brass player i'm slightly worried over this. Is it really worth it?
07-30-10, 7:16am: Adam Browne--Its totally worth it. You have 10% chance something bad will happen but 90% something really great will happen. I think you should do it!I am very happy with my results
08-9-10, 6:13pm: Sarah--Hey Adam, I'm Sarah from Victoria in Australia and I'm 19 yrs old. I'm having jaw surgery at the end of next yr (I have an underdeveloped jaw and an overbite) but the process is getting started now (braces, wisdom teeth and upper jaw expansion). Just wanted to say that I was really nervous about the whole process and whether it would all be worth it but after reading your comments and looking at your website I'm now feeling much more at ease and almost looking forward to it. So just wanted to say thanks
08-14-10, 5:50pm: Dustin--hey Adam Im Dustin and i have a underbite and might be able to get on my dads insurance but if i can't how where u able to pay for it? did u make out a plan with them? did u pay 24,000 in cash straight up that day how did u do that?
08-15-10, 3:27pm: Adam Browne--I saved my money and I spent it all on jaw surgery. I saved it up for 2 years
09-4-10, 2:30pm: Ali--hello
09-4-10, 2:31pm: Ali--guys i need to ask some questions. can anyone help?
09-4-10, 3:30pm: Adam Browne--what are your questions?
09-20-10, 7:55pm: Calvin--Hey...umm how old where you when you had this surgery and were your top row teeth crooked when u got surgery? Thanks. I want to get it but my parents cant afford it yet. They told me when im 18 or 19 but how old are you?
10-20-10, 7:06pm: thalia--i just qot jaw surqery oct 13 : )
10-29-10, 1:54pm: ravikumar--i am having upper & lower bites,can anyone advise me
10-29-10, 1:55pm: ravi kumar--hey I have Upper & lower bites, can anyone advise me
10-29-10, 3:07pm: Adam Browne--what do you need advice on?
11-18-10, 5:02pm: Elishia--hey i was just wondering how long did you have your braces on before surgery?
12-27-10, 7:25am: Rose--Hey Adam! I really like your website, it is so helpful! I am a 17 year old girl from the UK and I'm currently deciding whether to undergo surgery, as I have an underbite. I want to ask firstly whether your upper jaw was moved forward during surgery, or your lower jaw moved backwards? Also, did you notice any changes to your face? This is my main concern. Thanks so much!
12-27-10, 3:07pm: Adam Browne--Thank you Rose. All of my changes were very positive I didn't have really any bad side effects.
03-25-11, 9:14pm: Adam Browne--Thank you everyone for all the positive feedback on my site.
05-13-11, 5:20am: Dora--YMMD with that anwesr! TX
05-14-11, 8:16am: Sarah--hi, did people think you had had plastic surgery?
06-2-11, 9:54pm: charlie--hi, im 15 and today my orthodontist told me tht the only way to correct my underbite and unalined jaw was surgury.. my parents have the money and insurance for the surgery so thats not a problem, however surgery is my number one fear. if you have any advice itd be greatly appreciated.
06-2-11, 9:57pm: charlie--email me at charlie.lapp@yahoo.com and please giv me some advice.
06-6-11, 10:25pm: nikky--Hi Adam, I was wondering if the first time you went to see the orthodonist and got your X-rays done.. did they say you could have had your jaw corrected WITHOUT the surgery?? Because the way your teeth looked in the before pics, looks exactly like my jaw and teeth ( I havent had any braces work done yet) and they said braces would correct mine. BUT...my jaw is EXACTLY like ur before and im kinda of not so convainced bout the braces. Thx for replying.
06-14-11, 12:27pm: Nguyen Manh Quoc Dung--Hey Adam. I am contemplating getting the same surgery, but I am worried about time constraints as I am studying in UK while living in Vietnam (I am planning on getting the surgery there). How long does the process take? Did you have to visit your orthodontologist regularly?
07-10-11, 8:59pm: Steve--Your website has an auto refresh that keeps me from completing my message!
07-10-11, 9:00pm: Adam Browne--Sorry steve that refresh should be gone now
08-16-11, 9:28pm: kate--did they only do surgery on your bottom jaw? my oral surgeon said in order to fix my underbite i have to do surgery on top and bottom. did you have any permanent numbness?
08-16-11, 9:37pm: Adam Browne--Only on my bottom jaw. All the numbness went away on it's own
09-1-11, 11:37pm: joi--hi adam,
09-1-11, 11:40pm: joi--im from japan, can i get the adress of ur ortho
09-2-11, 5:59am: Adam Browne--how's it going? Stewart Reddick Orthodontics: Stewart Mark C DDS‎ 22 East Nelson Avenue Melbourne, FL 32935-6744 (321) 254-5232
10-2-11, 5:31am: antonpopov--This website is remarkably unconventional and hypnotic, to be riskless sustain to be c upon to transportable working arrangement in antithesis here in the later! Thanks again!
11-21-11, 3:45pm: mandy--Hi there, I have a bit of an underbite and am looking into surgery, I think for my surgery they will extend my upper jaw to match my bottom jaw better and give me a perfect bite. I was wondering how long you had the braces for? My teeth are already straight and am hoping not to have the braces on for too long lol. also how long did it take to heal? or atleast for your face to look not swollen? and...was it 100% worth it??! Thank you!!!
11-21-11, 4:47pm: Adam Browne--I had braces for 3 years total 2 before and 1 after surgery. It took about 1 month to heal completely (face not swollen). Yes it was 100% worth it!
12-6-11, 3:15pm: kathy--hi,im very excited to have the surgery but I was wondering how long the face stays swollen for. I have my prom in june so im a little bit worried. Do u think i should do it before prom or after?
12-20-11, 8:26am: Eli--Hi Adam! How are you? Just wanted to ask. I am already 22. Before, my jaw looks fine, some even complimented it. But right now, I already knew that I have an underbite though I haven't gone to an ortho yet. I never have had braces yet and I know I need to have the surgery. The question is, is it still possible for my jaw to be corrected by surgery even if let us say, my bite will be corrected when I am already 24? I am also experiencing the clicking of jaws unexpectedly when I eat. Hope you can answer my questions. I am so afraid right now cuz I know that it will lead to a serious problem.
12-20-11, 9:38am: Adam Browne--It sounds to me like you really jaw surgery. That clicking is a sign of TMJ and often surgery is the best solution for that. I never had clicking in my jaw but often I would accidentally bite the sides of the inside of my mouth and get canker sores. Anything is possible with your jaw healing on it's own but when I was 23 I was completely grown all the way so I am glad I had the surgery.
12-20-11, 9:46am: Eli--I sometimes bite the sides of the inside of my mouth either. Maybe I am completely grown and I hope that I can save up for the braces and surgery. That's a lot of money! I think I would have ask help to GEOnline when I get there. Thank you Adam!
12-20-11, 10:15am: Eli--I sometimes bite the sides of the inside of my mouth either. Maybe I am completely grown and I hope that I can save up for the braces and surgery. That's a lot of money! I think I would have ask help to GEOnline when I get there. Thank you Adam!
01-30-12, 1:16am: Jasmine--Adam- thank you for sharing your experience with me and the rest of the world. I was wondering how long it took before you got your braces... The period where your doctors were coordinating a treatment plan and the total amount.
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02-28-12, 7:42am: Adam Browne--Thank you Jasmine for the positive feedback. It took me at least 2 years before I got my braces. Total amount of time was probably 5 years
03-9-12, 1:01pm: Bree--Can doctors mess up the process of underbite surgery?
03-9-12, 1:03pm: Bree--Is there any low cost health insurance for me to get my underbite surgery because I don't have over $1,000?
03-18-12, 1:23pm: Bernard Foy--Intense
03-19-12, 6:16am: Adam Browne--Bernard. I am glad you like the page.
04-22-12, 8:02pm: Thao--How many millimeters did they move your jaw back?
06-9-12, 12:26am: Johny doe--I want to get jaw surgery, but im a fitness freak and im afraid of taking off too much time from the gym. help!!
06-11-12, 1:43pm: bec--Hi Adam, I just want to say I am currently goingg through this procedure, I have just had braces and have an underbite and I have been waiting for braces since i was 16 years old i am now 18 with braces and waiting for these to set and time to pass by until i have my op! Luckily mine doesnt cost a thing as it is done with the NHS! I cannot wait for it all to be over, I am scared but i realise that in the end it will all be worth it and its too late to back down now! Thanks.
06-27-12, 7:02pm: yvette--Hello Adam! I am wondering if there are any programs or any way I can get help with this financially, I am really looking forward to go through this procedure but money is a big issue. Any help would be great thank you xx
06-27-12, 7:15pm: Adam--Not sure what to tell you. Asking the surgery is your best bet. Each doctor is different in what plans they offer. I took GE's Care Credit you can ask about it next time you go.
07-13-12, 11:00pm: Rhonda--Hi Adam,I have watched your videos and read your post on your orthognathic surgery. I too have had orthognathic surgery to correct a slight underbite that looked real similar to yours. Unlike you, I have not been pleased with my results. I'm contemplating having a second surgery. I found your site very helpful. My big issue is cosmetic. Where I was a little selfconcious before, I'm extremely selfconcious now. I get a lot of stares! I find it interesting that our previous bites look to be so alike, yet our procedures were so different. I had the LeForte I done. I have always believed that no more than my underbite was, they should have just done my lower jaw. I couldn't find many surgeons at that time that wanted to touch my lower jaw because it was so invasive. Anyway... I didn't mean to write a book! My main question is, did they have to put any plates and titanium screws in to hold your jaw in place? If so, can you tell me how that's going? I want mine removed asap! Thank you,Rhonda
07-14-12, 6:57am: Adam--Yes they did have to put in titanium screws into my jaw. However, most of the time I forget they are there unless I get an x-ray done and the doctor asks me what that is. I am very happy with my jaw surgery still and the pros for me heavily out weigh the cons. Are your screws really that much of a problem for you?
07-19-12, 8:58am: Rhonda--My titanium screws and plate is in my sinus area and I have had problems with my sinus' ever since. The surgeon told my that he screwed them in extra tight too. I believe it by the way it feels with all the pressure. You can sometimes see a bump on my skin where the screws are. Being a girl and having to use makeup, clease, etc., I have to rub over them. This surgery, moving my upper jaw out, has totally changed the way my nose looks. I'm not happy with the way it made my nose look turned up. Oh well... you live and learn! Glad yours worked out well for you. Thanks again, Rhonda
09-7-12, 5:52pm: See --does jaw surgery really cost that much? so its like up to 20 thousand?
10-21-12, 4:09pm: Torn--These topics are so confusing but this heelpd me get the job done.
10-26-12, 6:51am: Adam--Yes jaw Surgery can be expensive for me it was $20,000. Torn, I am sorry the topics are so confusing but I am glad I helped you get the job done.
11-3-12, 2:59am: xinsun--Hi, did you have upper jaw or lower jaw surgery or both? my doctor gave me a quote of over $30K for both. kinda pricy.
02-22-13, 1:07pm: Becky--Hi, I was wondering if you posted pictures of your underbite before even getting the braces? If you haven't, can you? I just wanted to see how much of undoing one's natural jaw compensation the braces does.
09-20-13, 12:29pm: adam browne--Does this still work?
112214, 6:20pm: adam browne--The downside would be the cost.
11-29-14, 8:30pm: harold--Hi!my name is arnel i am already 43 yrs old but still hoping that one day my under bite will be corrected. My full upper teeth is already a full denture to compensate my being under bite. I just had my denture replaced last year and my dentist said that i have a severe under bite due to bone loss. Will the surgery work for me?
10-6-15, 5:13pm: Par --Hello!I had the jaw surgery a couple of years ago to fix my slight underbite and some off centered midline. I read in my journal that they removed a Little bit of bone on my right side of the jaw and nothing on the left to fix that.So i wonder if anyone of you knows if its common that they remove more bone from one side of the jaw to fix the midline? Or if its common that when they cut the jaw that they only remove some bone from one side of the jaw to fix it?Do you know if they they did any of this to fix your problems? Is this how they do?Sorry if its a stupid question but i would like to know about it!Regards / P
11-25-15, 6:26am: Daniel--Praying for Scout and your family today. May God watch over her and bless the dotcors with wisdom and endurance as she goes through her surgery. Love you all.
04-10-16, 4:31pm: WilliamBap--?On high school and college levels, most basketball coaches prefer their players not to be too fancy with their basketball moves, as the heart of the game is to score, not to show off how many tricks they can maneuver. Besides, most of those tricks are quite risky; if the players cant pull them off precisely right, it is likely to cause a turnover. In some situations, however, those sneaky basketball tricks that we often see NBA players do can be very useful. The important idea is you have got to know how to perform them correctly and should try to use them sparingly in order to avoid unnecessary blunders.
04-3-19, 7:45am: Van--I want to know about price underbite sugery
07-9-19, 7:54am: Joe--Hi there, gonna get my surgery done next week. I am really very scared and can't talk to my parents for they are actually spending alot on this. I just fear the pain after the surgery and nothing else. Need some motivation pleaseeee.
11-3-19, 11:17am: james--Hi Adam! I hope you will find this message. Did you also have genioplasty? Did they move your chin as well? Thank you!, 1:59am:Adam Browne--I did not have genioplasty. I did not have my chin moved. Just my lower jaw was moved back to align with my top jaw.
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