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What is Magestorm?

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This page is dedicated to an amazing game known as magestorm. I played magestorm a lot time ago when it was still owned by AOL. This was some time in 1997. What I really enjoyed about Magestorm was the fact that it was the first MMO RPG that was also a first person shooter. Although the grapics were subpar, the playing experience was superb for such a simple game. The idea was to play a 1 hour long match gathering experience for your character killing other characters. If your team wins at the end you get an additional bonus to your exp.
There were four main classes: Wizard, Psionic, Eldritch and Healer. I personally always loved the Healer the best because you could level the fasted when you reserrect and heal your team mates.
If anyone would like to reminess or experience this game for the first time I highly suggest you click on the link below.
Spellstorm On Steam
Magus: The Awakening
Magestorm (An arena based FPSRPG.)

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Last Modified: Friday September 03, 2021