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Palm Bay police said a man abandoned 11 dogs in a home for weeks.

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Palm Bay police said a man abandoned 11 dogs in a home for weeks.

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Investigators said an anonymous tip led them to the house. The person said the home had been vacant for months, and the owner hadn't been by for the last two weeks. Police arrested the dogs' owner, Lee Tacke. Tacke said his neighbor was supposed to feed the dogs. "He was trying to say that he gave me permission to take care of the puppies. But I don't even have a key to the house," said neighbor Marshall Comer. Marshall was asleep when police raided his neighbor's home Saturday night. Police found nine starving puppies and their mother inside. Another dog was chained up in the back. "It brought me to tears," said neighbor Leanna Comer. Leanna and her father had no idea the dogs were in such bad shape. She said Tacke was living down the street with his girlfriend. But the animals had to stay in the abandoned home. "She did not like that dog at all," Leanna said. Leanna said Tacke was unemployed, but would ride his bike back to the house to feed the animals. She said after the puppies were born last month, he'd been working to find them a new home. "He was trying. It's not like he didn't care about the animals, because he loved that dog very much," Leanna said. Police said he didn't try hard enough. The house was filled with feces. When officers gave the dogs food and water, they devoured it in seconds. Tacke is now behind bars on $22,000 bond. He faces 11 counts of animal abuse. South Brevard County Animal Control said the investigation has to be complete before the dogs could be adopted. Adoption details may not be available until Monday.

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Last Modified: Friday February 03, 2023