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Corrective Jaw Surgery Underbite

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The Before and After Lower Jaw Surgery

The Cost of Before and After Lower Jaw Surgery

The Before and After Braces with Lower Jaw Surgery

The Before with Braces and After with Lower Jaw Surgery

Why So Serious Lower Jaw Surgery

Why So Serious about Lower Jaw Surgery?

Before Jaw Surgery Profile

Before Jaw Surgery Profile

After Jaw Surgery Profile

After Jaw Surgery Profile

Before and After Jaw Surgery Profile

Before and After Jaw Surgery Profile Pictures

Youtube Videos of the Jaw Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a place where I can ask questions or talk about Jaw Surgery?
Yes, I made this page for viewers to ask questions and discuss Jaw Surgery
Click here for a live Chat room that I made using php.

How much did it cost?
About $24,000 total but here is a breakdown of the various costs that go into jaw surgery. At least my experience in 2008.

First there is the Orthodontist. $4090

Mark Stewart Orthodontist Bill

Orthodontist Bill

Second there is the Oral Surgeon. $9937

orthognathic treatment plan

Orthognathic Treatment Bill

Third is the medical or hospitial bill. $7441.20

homes regional medical bill 1 homes regional medical bill 2 homes regional medical bill 3

Hospitial Bill

Fourth Don't forget about the Anesthesia Bill (This was listed in the previous bill for $2000 due to a upfront discount). $2000

Anesthesia Bill

Anesthesia Bill

So I paid $23468.20 but you also have to consider additional medicine you buy which can also add up so I round to $24,000 for a total cost in 2008.

Did insurance cover any of the cost?
During this time I ensured with United Health Care through my company. I fought hard with UHC and Human Resources at my company. However, UHC insurance did not cover any expenses related to my jaw surgery or braces. I paid everything out of pocket.

Did it hurt to get it done?
Not at all. The procedure was not painful at all. I was talking after it was done and I even made a YouTube video the next day.

Did you get any permanent nerve damage?
After the surgery was done the bottom right of my lips was numb when I touched it. This lasted for about a month but eventually went away. As far as I am concerned there has been no permanent nerve damage.

Did you experience any side effects?
After the surgery there were no obvious side effects. However, I do believe that because of the surgery I have now developed a snore when I am sleeping. I don't ever remember being told before that I snored but the day after surgery my mom said I was really loud and that it may have been because I was so swollen the next day. I do not have any trouble sleeping and if I snore it is only noticeable to others. I would say this is a pretty minor side effect compared to all the huge benefits that the surgery has brought me.

Did you have your jaws wired shut or screwed after surgery?
In my procedure I had titanium screws put in while I was under.
X-ray After Jaw Surgery

X-ray After Jaw Surgery

After the surgery I did not have my jaws wired shut and instead just wore mini rubber bands around my braces to hold my jaw together while I was healing.

How did you eat food and heal after surgery?
I used a blender on all my foods before I ate them. I also drank a lot of Ensure. Here is the guideline that I followed immediately after my surgery.
Homecare Instructions for Corrective Jaw Surgery

Homecare Instructions for Corrective Jaw Surgery

How did you manage to pay the total cost?
I had a couple of thousand saved up because I knew I was going to get the surgery. I took out a medical loan from GEOnline which is known as CareCredit. I am sure your oral surgeon will let you know about it if you ask. The loan gave me $9000 interest free as long as I paid it back in 18 months. I worked hard to pay back the loan and eliminate debt. I did manage to pay off the entire loan before the 18 months and avoid paying for any interest. I would recommend this option to anyone who can pay off the loan in 18 months.

What made you decide you were going to get the surgery?
Ever since I started going to the orthodontist (Smith Orthodontics) near the end of 2004 it became clear to me that if I ever wanted to have a normal bite I was going to have to have jaw surgery to correct my underbite. I was required to wear braces for about one year before I could even begin to purse jaw surgery from an oral surgeon. I was planning on having jaw surgery from the Tillery Group in Orlando Florida around 2006 but decided not to because of the expense and hassle while finishing up college. So I decided to wait until I was done with college and financially stable before pursing jaw surgery. I started back up on the oral correction procedure around October 2007 with Mark Stewart as my orthodontist. I also begin to prepare for jaw surgery with Timothy Lang as my oral surgeon.

When did you have the surgery?
On May 14, 2008 I had jaw surgery performed by Dr. Lang. I was very happy with the results and the outcome over all.

Who was your orthodontist?
Mark Stewart was my orthodontist. Here you can see him on my left with another orthodontist Chad Reddick on my right.
after braces orthodontist Mark Stewart Chad Reddick

Dr. Reddick, Adam and Dr. Stewart after braces

Do you think it was worth it now that it is over?
Yes! Despite the fact that it cost me a lot of money I cannot think of something else I would rather spend that money on if I did not get the surgery. Having Jaw Surgery is part of my life now and I am happy and proud to let others know my story and to encourage others to have the same success as me. I am glad to have had it done by a professional rather than to go to someone cheaper who might have screwed up the surgery or me.

Is there any other advice you can give?
I hope to encourage and support those going through this tough decision to not be afraid or worry about the procedure.

I did not find the procedure to be painful at all and I healed in a relatively quick manner. I was able to talk normally after about 1-2 weeks and about a month later was able to chew foods normally.
I watched a video on YouTube from sicnor553 and was inspired to make videos recording my progress. Feel free to watch my videos above.
Hopefully the links at the very top of this page will help answer any other questions you may have.

Last Modified: Friday February 03, 2023