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The followings program I made personally. They should all work on Windows. A lot of them are games but some are useful math tools that I wrote to help students in MyMathLab. I was in college and tutoring Math students in MyMathLab with some of these programs that I made.

RPG Maker 95
Unzip DansLand.zip and Click the GAMEEXE.exe to launch the game.
It seems to run in Windows 10.
I decided to upload this game 4/20/2018 due to a request by Michael Simpson. This game I started around 2000 and used RPG Maker 95+ with the help of Michael Simpson, Ario Elami, Kyle Conners, and Chris.

C# Windows Form Applications
TexasHoldem.zip Version 1.2 The classic game of Texas Hold'em. You can use it as a Poker simulator or play against the AI. This game is still being developed a project that I started March 2017.

Google Play Apps
Fatbrowne Charades The classic game of Charades brought to you on your mobile device.
Fatbrowne Stocks Simple Stock simulation made by Adam Browne.
Fatbrowne Card Simulation This is a Card Simulation that creates a virtual deck and allows one or two cards to be drawn from the deck. Once all the cards are drawn from the 52 card deck the deck with reshuffle itself. You can also manually reshuffle the deck. This also allows two cards to be drawn. This is a great app to play high card or to use as a simulator for Texas Hold'em. You could also use this app to play pass the Ace or screw your neighbor with a friend.
Fatbrowne Poker Tourney timeTexas Hold'em Poker Tournement Timer. Use this the next time you want to know when to raise the blinds. The timer is customizable so you can set the minutes. 15 minutes is the default.

Console Window Based Game
talisman.exe RPG game not worth playing play the second version.
talisman2.exe RPG game very fun a lot more options in this version.
SUD.exe RPG similar to a Multi-User Dungeon but for one player.
Dunsee.exe RPG game with a little different style I made.
texasGUI.zip Card game called Texas Hold'em. Since this is a Grapical User Interface it will not work unless you have the .NET Framework installed on your PC!
stocks.exe Stock market simulation game.
SCAT.exe Card game where you try to get 31 with three cards the same suit.
poker.exe Card game which is Poker!
rate.exe Casino game starts as Slots and turns into blackjack when you lose.
tictactoe.zip Tic Tac Toe game for two people.

Java Game
lightsout.jar My version of Lights Out. This requires Java if you cannot get it to work I suggest using the following link. jre-1_5_0_14-windows-i586-p.exe
stratego.jar A cool graphical RPG I made all zipped up. Run stratego.jar after you extracte RPG.zip. This requires Java if you cannot get it to work I suggest using the following link. jre-1_5_0_14-windows-i586-p.exe

Math Applications
factors.exe Math Program probably the most useful of them all. It figures out factors for the numbers you input.
quad.exe Math Program to determine quadratic information.
reduce.exe Math Program to reduce any fraction.
dictionary.zip This is like Word it can spell check a document for you and keep track of words in your dictionary.
currentdate.COM Displays current date time year and all the other stuff

My Midis These are midis that I can download to my cell for free

Last Modified: Friday February 03, 2023