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Devry Orlando University June 2007 Graduation Speech Part 1

Devry Orlando University June 2007 Graduation Speech Part 2

DeVry Orlando University 2007 Slide Show
Let me know how many times you see me.

Check out my College Grades. I only got one B.

While growing up one of my greatest aspirations was to one day graduate from college. Luckily, for me I was able to accomplish this goal with flying colors. During college there were many challenging road blocks that I faced, but in the end it was entirely worth it and I could not see my life going in any other direction. Some of those road blocks include paying for college, completing assignments, passing tests, developing good study habits, and maintaining good health. I was fortunate enough to do well in high school which enabled me to qualify for the Florida Bright Futures Merit Scholarship. I also qualified for the DeVry Dean's Scholarship if I enrolled into DeVry University. Keep in mind during this time I was already accepted into Florida State University. I chose DeVry University because I felt they were more caring towards my individual needs and reached out to me because they really wanted me to join. Unlike Florida State University which just sent me an acceptance letter and an information packet about the school, DeVry actually send a representative to come speak to me personally at my home about the University. I was also interested about DeVry because of the large focus they have on the implementing the latest technology and giving students first hand experience with industry leading technology. One of the best perks of attending DeVry University in Orlando was always being able to stay on top of the latest activities that were related to college students and future graduates. In fact it was the UCF career fair that DeVry heavily supported which provided me with my first major career immediately after college.

Looking back now I am really glad that I chose DeVry. Overall, I am still very impressed by all of the opportunities and benefits that I was provided with while I was enrolled at the college.
Not all college experiences will end up as pleasant as I described above. Many semesters I would see fellow classmates that would lose focus and quit school or constantly switch school. I strongly do not recommend this practice. Even though I did take one semester off primarily because I simply was not getting scholarships during the summer semester. During that time I got a part time job working at Red Lobster trying to saving up for the following semesters. I also looked for additional scholarships on FastWeb and other scholar search engines. I received nothing from all that time I wasted on those big scholarship websites. However, I did qualify for a local $1000 scholarship at my University received it the following semester. My advice is not to waste your time with global scholarships or anything that wants you to become a member or register online or anything that sounds like a contest for that matter. Go for the scholarships that are guaranteed if you qualify or look into local scholarships because many times they go unclaimed for years. That was the case for my scholarship I was the only person to submit the document to apply for the scholarship. I am sure you have heard this before but it really boils down to being proactive.

The Graduate

Last Modified: Friday February 03, 2023