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starcraft UMS Use Map Settings

Starcraft (Use Map Settings)
Laser_Tag_vDark & Sand Castle Wars DARK

I have always loved to play Starcraft ever since a friend of mine in middle school named Jimmy Rose introduced me to this amazing computer game. I love to play Use Map Setting inside of Starcraft with my friends Mike and Matt. There are so many great UMS maps for Starcraft. I also really like the company Blizzard. I fully support them and the projects that they work on. Blizzard also made the game Hearthstone as well as Starcraft II and World of Warcraft. I never really played World of Warcraft aka WoW but I had a lot of friends in Michigan that loved to play some WoW. You could say they got into some serious debt with how much money they spent on World of Warcraft.
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Last Modified: Friday September 03, 2021